Summer 2017 Music Lessons


June 19 — August 25

Rocket Reading 101

Have you ever wondered why it takes your child
a long time to master a song?

Students, do you wish you could play harder songs

or advance to the next level?

The secret in learning new songs quickly is in the ease of reading the notes.  When you know the tricks and shortcuts to get the notes in your fingers you can learn songs twice or three times as fast as you can now.  Made fun and attainable for any level, these lessons are a sure bet for accelerated success next year!


Clever Creativity

Have you thought lately, “My child needs a break, but I don’t want them to lose what they gained this year”?

Does your child like to doodle or make up melodies on their instrument?  Do you want them to try something different this summer?  Clever Creativity is for students who want to explore the world of music beyond the written page.  By learning basic musical patterns—harmonies, chord progressions, and form—you can create songs or improvise, painting a panoramic scene of forests, mountains, desert plains—or whatever you like—that’s connected to the inspiration of the stars!  

For optimum learning, 45 minute lessons are recommended; however some children, such as beginners, may do well with 30 minute lessons.


Early Bird Enrollment:   Get FREE registration for Rocket Reading, Clever Creativity or standard lessons, when you enroll before June 15 -- a $15 value!

New:  Make a Music Video!

Do you wish your child had more creative opportunities?

Do you want to see them do something sensational this summer?

If you answered yes to either question, keep reading about an unforgettable music program for kids.  You know in your heart your child is a star—how about seeing them become one?  The “Make a Music Video” class is designed for creative kids who are longing to break out of the daily routine and create something truly extraordinary. You don’t need to play an instrument! In this class students will

★ Write their own song

★ Record their song

★ Choreograph their own video

★ Film their own video


★ Build teamwork skills

★ Direct - take turns “calling the shots!”

★ Edit - learn and use principle editing techniques

To ensure maximum progress and success, each student will have a placement audition.  This brief meeting with you, your child and the instructor will help us get to know your child’s strengths and interests to help our music video making experience be the best it can be! 


Enroll for one or both parts.

Part I “The Song” - August 11* –18

Part II “The Video” - August 19*—25

*Begins with orientation Friday evening.



9:00 am.—12:30 pm.

(drop off 8:45 am.)



Music with Michael Studio

66 Broadway

Hagerstown, MD  21740


Early Bird Enrollment:  Save $25 on tuition for Make a Music Video when you enroll before June 30!

There are a limited number of slots, so don’t delay!

For "Rocket Reading," "Clever Creativity," standard lessons, or to schedule your 

child’s audition for "Make a Music Video" please fill out the form below.