Meet Mr. Michael's Music Family

Most musicians have an array of music connections they make over the years.  Some they collaborate with, others they jam with, and others they network with.  It's rare that a musician plays in only one band.  Some musicians play in several bands!  Most musicians love to gig and explore music with many other different musicians.

Here are some of Mr. Michael's music friends.  Each one has their own story and own favorite kind of music.  They love playing together--it's fun!!
Niki Perini
Lindsey Sullivan
Melanie Carter and Diana Williams
Cleveland Chandler
Samira Wilson
Here are some of their stories.  More to be added soon!

Lindsey Sullivan is currently in her eleventh year as Music Director of Paramount Elementary School in Hagerstown, She started playing saxophone when she was 10 years old.  Majoring in instrumental music in college, she graduated from WVU in 2005.  Lindsey has three children and loves reading, exercising, spending time with her husband, and playing with her children.  She enjoys performing and experience the creative exploration that playing with Michael entails.  (Thanks, Lindsey--same to you! : )

Lindsey and Mr. Michael met through a common friend and colleague, Niki Perini (see above photo), and later on, under the direction of a team of coaches and teachers, which included Niki, they both attended M.A.T.I., a week-long workshop for teachers and artists.  During that week, Lindsey and Michael played together, sharing old tunes and making up new ones.  Before they knew it, a duet was born!