Are You Ready?
Success in music almost always starts with
 a positive connection with your teacher.  Take the
 short quiz below to see if we are the right combination for you and your child.

About Yourself:



Do you really want your child to learn music while she’s young?



Have you thought lately, “I wish my parents had given me music lessons when I was a kid.  I don’t want my kids to miss their chance.”



Did you or someone you know have a poor experience with a music teacher when they were young?



Do you want to make a lasting difference in your child’s education?



Do you value the benefits of arts education when children are young?



Do you believe there is not enough emphasis on the arts in schools these days?



About Your Child:



Does your child show interest in learning an instrument (ex: does he like to play on a toy piano, flutes or drums, make rhythmic sounds with toys or blocks; has he asked for lessons)?



Does your child show interest in the creative arts (ex:  does she like to dance, paint, draw, or sing)?



Does your child love the spotlight?



Have you thought lately, “My child is so sensitive.”?



Is your child imaginative (ex:  does he play with puppets, make up stories, have imaginary friends)?



If you answered “yes” to 4 or more of the above questions, chances are we'll make a good team!  I invite you to schedule a first-time "Creative Spark Lesson" which includes:  


  • a consultation
  • skills assessment
  • Your child's unique "Creative Spark" Lesson
  • FREE Registration (Value $25)


What's this "Creative Spark Lesson" like?


At the first "Creative Spark" lesson your child is introduced to their innate creativity and music making ability.  We use this time to discover their unique way of expressing music and "sparking their creativity."   Their skills are assessed and recommendations are made for their curriculum should you choose to pursue lessons.



When and where are the lessons given?


In Hagerstown:  lessons are Mon. - Thurs.  3:00 - 7:00 pm. at the teacher's studio at 66 Broadway.


Lessons in the DC metro area are given in the student's home.  When filling out the form below, please indicate your neighborhood.  



How do I sign up?


During this time, students have a chance to get to know the instructor, and parents have a chance to ask questions and discuss their child's needs.  At the end of the lesson, if we feel we have the right combination for your and  your child, you may enroll for the school year, the semester, or monthly. 


How much is it?


The Creative Spark lesson is just $20.  When you enroll within the same month as your lesson, you receive FREE registration! (Value $25.)  Subsequent tuition rates vary depending on lesson length, frequency and duration.  (Other rates are close to $20/lesson.)


How do I get started?


Simply fill in your name and contact info below, or call Mr. Michael at 301-906-2422.  You will be contacted to schedule your child’s "Creative Spark" Lesson.  


I look forward to seeing you and making music with you soon!


In music,


Mr. Michael